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-====== Line-point ​intercept ​with Height ====== +<​sup>​[[:​bug_reporting|Report a bug, broken link, or incorrect content]]</​sup>​[[http://​|{{ field_methods:​methodsguide3.png?​220x120|}}]] 
-[[http://​​about/​get_involved|{{:​abstract_in_dev.gif|}}]]\\ +====== Line-point ​Intercept ​with Height ====== 
-written by Jason Karl and Karen Colson+[[http://​​about/​get_involved|{{:​abstract_in_dev.gif|}}]]\\ 
 +written by Jason Karl
 ===== Description and Uses ===== ===== Description and Uses =====
-The Cover Board Method is used to evaluate vertical cover and vegetation structure ​over time It requires ​profile board or density board to estimate ​the vertical area of a board covered by vegetation ​from specified distance away Many different types of boards have been developed While they vary in dimensions they are generally narrow boards with bands of alternating colors that define vertical bands+This method of estimating ​vegetation structure ​in a plot uses a modification of the standard [[field_methods:​line_point_intercept]] methodHeight measurements are taken at pre-determined points along transect. At each point, ​the height and species ​of the tallest ​vegetation ​within ​fixed-radius circle (typically 6in or approximately 15cm) is recordedThe height recorded is the tallest height ​of the entire plant that falls within the vertical cylinder centered at the point, not just the height of the portion of the plant within the cylinderBoth living and dead vegetation ​are usually counted. 
 +\\ \\ 
 +A number ​of different height/​structural indices can be calculated from this method including average vegetation height with standard deviations and structural diversity.
-This method is applicable to a wide variety of vegetation types and is particularly useful when used with those vegetation types that show potential for changes, such as woody riparian vegetation. 
 ===== Advantages and Limitations ===== ===== Advantages and Limitations =====
- +Of the different vegetation height/​structure methods, this on is one of the easiest ​and fastest to implement because it uses the transects that are already in place for estimating cover. The NRI implementation ​of this method uses height classes ​to speed up data collection. 
-The Cover Board technique ​is a fast and easily duplicated procedure. The size of the board can be modified ​to meet the purpose ​of the study.+\\ \\ 
 +This is a relatively new method that has not been published on extensively. Because this method is so new, there is not a lot of guidance on calculating structure/​height indices from the data.
 ===== Manuals ===== ===== Manuals =====
-  *Utilization Studies and Residual Measurements ​(Technical Reference 1734-3)  *2009 NRCS National Resource Inventory ​(NRIGrazing Land On-Site Study Handbook.[[​nrcs/​range/resource/2009/Instructions/instruction.htm]]
   ​   ​
 ===== Technical and Application References ===== ===== Technical and Application References =====
-  *NuddsThomas D. 1977. Quantifying ​the vegetative structure ​of wildlife cover. Wildlife Society Bulletin 5:113-117+  * To date, the only known application ​of this method is as part of the NRCS National Resource Inventory (NRI) Grazing Land On-Site Study [[http://​​nrcs/​range/​resource/​2009/​Power_points.htm]]
 ===== Similar Approaches ===== ===== Similar Approaches =====
-[[:​field_methods:​vegetation_structure_-_cover_pole_method]],​ [[:​field_methods:​visual_obstruction_method]], ​Line-point intercept with height+[[:​field_methods:​vegetation_structure_-_cover_pole_method]],​ [[:​field_methods:​visual_obstruction_method]], ​[[field_methods:​cover_board_method]]
 ===== Additional Information ===== ===== Additional Information =====
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 ===== Discussion/​Comments ===== ===== Discussion/​Comments =====
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