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 ====== Tree Density ====== ====== Tree Density ======
- ​[[http://​​about/​get_involved|{{:​abstract_in_dev.gif|}}]]+ ​[[http://​​about/​get_involved|{{:​abstract_in_dev.gif|}}]]
 ===== Method Output ===== ===== Method Output =====
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 ===== Description and Uses ===== ===== Description and Uses =====
-Density of trees or shrubs in different size classes is often necessary to quantify how rangelands are responding to different management actions and disturbances. ​ 
-This method of measuring density of trees was implemented as part of the subplot monitoring protocol developed by the USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program. The tree density method works by establishing four 7.3m diameter subplots (one in the center and three at the end of transects placed at 120° from each other - Figure 1). The diameter and height of each tree in the subplot is recorded. Two different types of measurements can be made to determine size class of trees - diameter at breast height (DBH - for single-stemmed trees) or diameter at root crown (DRC - for multi-stemmed trees). Density can be calculated by species or for all species combined. 
 ===== Advantages and Limitations ===== ===== Advantages and Limitations =====
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 ===== Additional Information ===== ===== Additional Information =====
-  * Printable data forms for the Tree Density method can be downloaded from the [[http://​​monit_assess/​data_forms/​tree_density_dataform.pdf|Jornada Experimental Range Monitoring and Assessment Site]]. 
-  * An Excel version of the Tree Density method data form that automatically calculates cover percentages can also be found at the [[http://​​monit_assess/​data_forms/​Tree_Density_automated_calc.xls|Jornada Experimental Range Monitoring and Assessment Site]]. 
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