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Other Names:

Light Detection and Ranging

Agency/Company Operating the Sensor

name and/or link to agency


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Similar Sensors

Sensor Specifications

Describe the sensor specifications such as spectral bands and wavelengths (e.g., in a table)

Spectral Bands/Wavelengths

Edit the following table or delete it and provide a description of spectral characteristics

Band Resolution Wavelength µm
1 30m 0.45-0.52
2 30m 0.53-0.61
3 30m 0.63-0.69
4 30m 0.78-0.90
5 30m 1.55-1.75
6 60m 10.4-12.5
7 30m 2.09-2.35
8 15m 0.52-0.90

Image footprint or swath width

Image resolution


Begining and ending (if applicable) dates of availability Return interval

Cost, Acquisition, Licensing

Information on cost of the imagery and process for acquiring imagery (i.e., download from archive, scheduled acquisition)

Image format

Format and delivery options for imagery from this sensor

Examples of Rangeland Uses

Links to projects or references of where data from this sensor was used in a rangeland project. Doesn't need to be an exhaustive list, just an example or two of where/how it was used.

Software/Hardware Requirements

Any special (or helpful) software or hardware requirements for using this kind of imagery (e.g., converters for reading NASA HDF format and saving data to a more user-friendly format)

Sample Image

Additional Information

  • Links to other info sources
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