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 +====== Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools ======
 + ​[[http://​​about/​get_involved|{{:​abstract_in_dev.gif|}}]] \\
 +written by Grant Hamilton
 +<WRAP column 40%>
 +//**__Basic Information__**//​
 +**Acronym:​** LANDFIRE \\
 +**Author/​Owner/​Steward:​** US Department of the Interior and US Forest Service \\
 +**Type:** Geodatabase \\
 +**Platform:​** Website and ArcGIS data access tool  \\
 +**Website:​** [[http://​​index.php]] \\
 +==== Description ====
 +LANDFIRE is an interagency vegetation, fire, and fuel characteristics mapping program, sponsored by the US Department of the Interior and the US Forest Service. ​ The Nature Conservancy has partnered with the federal agencies on this project.  ​
 +Although it was originally developed with hazardous fuels reduction applications in mind, LANDFIRE data will be useful to researchers and managers in a variety of settings. ​ Data products available include Existing Vegetation Type, Canopy, and Height; Biophysical Settings; Environmental Site Potential; Fire Behavior Fuel Models; Fire Regime Classes; and Fire Effects layers.
 +The following information products are available from LANDFIRE:
 +==== Applications ====
 +LANDFIRE information products are not just for wildland firefighting. ​ For case studies of LANDFIRE in actions see [[http://​​documents_dataproducts.php|Examples of LANDFIRE data being used across the country]] and [[http://​​ConservationPractices/​FireLandscapes/​LANDFIRE/​Applications/​Pages/​applications.aspx|Applications & Case Studies]] from the Nature Conservancy.
 +==== Data Access ====
 +LANDFIRE ​ layers are available as ESRI ArcGRID or GeoTiff files with a resolution of 30m which are updated every two years. ​ LANDFIRE'​s [[http://​​viewer/​|Data Distribution Site]] features an interactive viewer which allows users to select an area of interest by dragging a box around it or entering coordinates. ​ Layers available for download in the area of interest will appear in a dropdown menu.  A [[http://​​partner-sites/​niftt/​tools/​niftt-current-resources/​|data access tool]] for ArcGIS 9.2/9.3 and 10.X is also available.  ​
 +** The LANDFIRE Data Distribution Site Interface **
 +==== Technical References ====
 +LANDFIRE Science and Application Library - http://​​library_methods.php
 +  *Includes white papers, information on production methods, and publications.
 +The Nature Conservancy'​s LANDFIRE website - http://​​ConservationPractices/​FireLandscapes/​LANDFIRE/​Pages/​landfire.aspx
 +  *Includes tutorials, a bibliography,​ and the latest news and updates on the LANDFIRE project.
 +==== Contact Information ====
 +**Contacts:​** Henry Bastian, DOI Business Lead and Frank Fay, USFS Business Lead\\
 +**LANDFIRE Helpdesk:** [[http://​​contactus.php]] \\
 +**URL:** [[http://​​index.php]] \\
 +===== Discussion/​Comments =====
 +<​sub>​**You must have an account and be logged in to post or reply to the discussion topics below. [[http://​​doku.php/​Home?​do=login&​sectok=db3676cff5bcd873b609b4e582432d73|Click here]] to login or register for the site.**</​sub>​
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