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Note: This is a minimal abstract. A more detailed abstract will be created in the future.

Basic Information Name: RangeView
Acronym: none
Author/Owner/Steward: University of Arizona
Type: Tool
Platform: Web Tool

Description from Website

NO LONGER SUPPORTED The RangeView website provides applications for viewing, animating, and analyzing satellite imagery in order to monitor vegetation dynamics through time and across landscapes. RangeView is simple to use and valuable for natural resource managers, land owners, educators, and researchers.

RangeView is a web-based information system that allows users to view, animate, and analyze satellite imagery in order to monitor vegetation dynamics through time and across landscapes. RangeView is designed for use in natural resource decision-making in ways that complement traditional rangeland management procedures, such as field-based inventory and ground monitoring techniques.

The RangeView application is the result of a collaborative, on-going knowledge exchange between stakeholders (natural resource managers from government agencies, ranchers, resource conservationists, wildfire managers and information officers, educators, etc.) and the research and development team at the University of Arizona. This two-way exchange provides continual assessment of user requirements while simultaneously educating those users on how to make use of the application and interpret the data and value-added products that it makes accessible. Throughout the year, RangeView holds numerous presentations, workshops and training sessions in order to identify lead users, introduce intermediate products, and instruct end users on how these innovations can be used as a decision aid to enhance their current management practices.NO LONGER SUPPORTED


  • University of Arizona. RangeView: Geospatial Tools for Natural Resource Management. 2004. (September 29, 2009).

Contact Information

Contact Name: Barron Orr
Contact Email:


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