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 +<​sup>​[[:​bug_reporting|Report a bug, broken link, or incorrect content]]</​sup>​[[http://​|{{ field_methods:​methodsguide3.png?​220x120|}}]]
 +====== Spatial Analysis in Macroecology ======
 + ​[[http://​​about/​get_involved|{{:​abstract_in_dev.gif|}}]] \\
 +Written by Grant Hamilton
 +\\ \\
 +<WRAP column 30%>
 +//**__Basic Information__**//​
 +**Name:** Spatial Analysis in Macroecology (v. 4.0)  \\
 +**Acronym:​** SAM\\
 +**Author/​Owner/​Steward:​** Thiago Fernando Rangel (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut);​ Jose Alexandre F. Diniz (Department of Biology, Federal University of Goiás, Brazil); Luis Mauricio Bini (Department of Biology, Federal University of Goiás)\\
 +**Type:** Free standalone program ​ \\
 +**Platform:​** Windows\\
 +**Download:​** [[http://​​sam/​sam.php ]] \\
 +==== Description ====
 +SAM is a program for performing spatial statistics functions, particularly surface pattern analysis. ​ The program features a graphical user interface with drop-down menu navigation. ​ ESRI shapefiles, rasters, Excel spreadsheets,​ DBASE (.dbf) tables, and text files are supported. ​ SAM allows users to create and edit publishable quality maps, charts, and other graphics to display data.  It combines the power of a statistical analysis program with the geospatial capabilities of a GIS program.  ​
 +SAM requires minimal computer resources and takes full advantage of multi-core processors. ​ All functions can be completed with GUI; no command line code is required. ​
 +The following tools are available in SAM:
 +  * Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis (GEDA) tools 
 +  * [[spatial_analysis_methods:​moran_s_i|Moran’s I]] and Auto-Correlogram ​
 +  * Spatial Correlation ​
 +  * Regression and Partial Regression ​
 +  * Presence/​Absence Matrix (PAM) and Species Attributes Mapping ​
 +  * Principal Component Analysis ​
 +  * Auto-Regression:​ Lagged ​
 +  * Auto-Regression:​ SAR/​CAR ​
 +  * Auto-Regression:​ GLS 
 +  * Spatial Eigenvector Mapping (SEVM) ​
 +  * Model Selection and Multi-Model Inference ​
 +  * Logistic Regression ​
 +  * [[spatial_analysis_methods:​geographically_weighted_regression|Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR)]] ​
 +  * GIS Processing and Mapping ​
 +  * Pattern Finder
 +  * [[spatial_analysis_methods:​ripley_s_k_and_pair_correlation_function|Ripley’s K]] 
 +  * Join-Count Analysis ​
 +  * Mantel Test 
 +  * ANOVA
 +==== Screenshots ====
 +<​sub>​Source:​ Thiago Rangel, Federal University of Goiás</​sub>​
 +**SAM features a GUI and is fully compatible with ESRI file formats.**
 +<​sub>​Source:​ Thiago Rangel, Federal University of Goiás</​sub>​
 +**SAM has many statistical tools available. ​ Results can be visualized into publishable quality charts and graphs.**
 +==== Unique Features ====
 +Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis (GEDA) refers to the ability to display statistical data in a visual form.  Examples include box plots, quantile normal plots, histograms, stem and leaf plots, ​ scatter plots, pie charts, bar graphs, pictograms, and contingency tables.
 +A species matrix includes species names as rows and traits as columns. ​ Individual species in the presence/​absence matrix a trait of interest can be selected (e.g. species larger than average body size), or species traits can be mapped in the geographical space, given the species assemblage in each location.
 +Spatial eigenvector mapping is a variation of Moran'​s I measure of autocorrelation. ​ Spatial eigenvectors maximize the spatial autocorrelation of Moran'​s I.
 +==== References ====
 +Rangel, T.F., Diniz-Filho,​ A.F., Bini, L.M. (2010). SAM: a comprehensive application for Spatial Analysis in Macroecology. //​Ecography//​. Vol. 33, pp. 46-50. doi: 10.1111/​j.1600-0587.2009.06299.x. ​ http://​​sam/​SAMTutorial.pdf
 +  * Discussion of SAM's capabilities by its creators.
 +Rangel, T.F., Diniz-Filho,​ A.F., Bini, L.M. (2006). Towards an integrated computational tool for spatial analysis in macroecology and biogeography. //Global Ecology and Biogeography//​. 15(4), pp. 321 - 327. doi: 10.1111/​j.1466-822X.2006.00237.x.
 +  * Focuses on SAM's Moran'​s I autocorrelation function and its ability to calculate spatial autocorrelation based on a range of matrices describing spatial relationships.
 +Rangel, T.F., Diniz-Filho,​ A.F., Bini, L.M (n.d.). //SAM: Spatial Analysis in Macroecology//​. http://​​sam/​
 +  * SAM website with mirrors to download the program.  ​
 +==== Contact Information ====
 +**Contact Name:** Thiago Fernando Rangel\\
 +**Contact Email:** [[]] \\
 +**URL:** [[http://​​sam/​]] \\
 +===== Discussion/​Comments =====
 +<​sub>​**You must have an account and be logged in to post or reply to the discussion topics below. [[http://​​doku.php/​Home?​do=login&​sectok=db3676cff5bcd873b609b4e582432d73|Click here]] to login or register for the site.**</​sub>​
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