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Note: This is a minimal abstract. A more detailed abstract will be created in the future.

Basic Information Name: VegMeasure
Acronym: none
Author/Owner/Steward: Department of Rangeland Resources, Oregon State University
Type: Tool
Platform: Standalone Windows application

Description from Website

VegMeasure is a computerized vegetation measurement program. It is the outgrowth of work that was done on a series of projects by the Department of Rangeland Resources that measured and monitored vegetation on rangelands, agronomic fields and riparian areas. We developed this software package in order to chart or map vegetation in a sample quadrat on the ground, using photographs taken vertically downward. We were interested in accurately representing the position and area of plants in the quadrat and documenting their condition. Previously, hand charting of vegetation in quadrats, a very time consuming and tedious method, was used to collect cover estimates in the field. VegMeasure is our attempt at speeding up the process. We also want to standardize the measurement process so that results are more uniform and reflective of the condition of vegetation growing on a site.

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